It came over Haytham, someone is not immune to him.

Connor was pessimistic about this, but he took Haytham by surprise.

His spirit talked, he knew his soul believes.

Nothing went along with it, that's where the question stands.

Sometimes he took the liberty of heading for Haytham, then gazed at him.

Is the way he stare is liberating? To find some reasons of indifference or adequate dramatic similarities? No one wants to know now.

Connor uauslly tends to display himself, which includes adoration and disgust. Though he confessed all, Haytham lodged a relationship.

Sin. After all Connor noticed any temptation, namely, Haytham is a charming guy.

In this almost world, they talked about love.

It left Connor a dauntless trouble, he was weak in speculating on Haytham.

Even father and son should break the barriers, shouldn't they? So why not make a breakthrough?

Afterwards Haytham established an approach in bed what made Connor regard him as a douchebag but not a mystery.

Connor's calculation is totally wrong that Haytham is skilled in destructing him.

The elegance of this man is not landscape but a spectacular and compelling war.

Prospect is bound. Connor even accelerate it.

He do it unconsciously and consciously.

So one day Haytham called him “Inadequate”.

Connor, thereby, desperated for touch and pressure.

Whose gentle weep bites the heavy black? Connor gets uncertain.

Later he hear his exclamation because of Haytham's test.

“Don't you think they're complementary? ”He then stabs violently.

Connor rolls his eyes.

His precautions is useless beacause of a fierce attack launched by Haytham.

A vision of a few skeletions slips bottom of his eyes.

Blow a kiss, fire a gun.

Connor guesses somebody else would also track down the curiosity of ideas but now Haytham wrges him to turn over.

“You're not a qualified bottom. ”Haytham sneers.

“You're not a desirable father!”Refuses the kind face by Connor, Haytham suspendes his less terrorist attack.

Haytham marks him with teeth and tongue might as well.

Connor, to this end, cries out in alarm.

Their connection is smooth and integrated. Haytham smiles with satisfaction.

At this rate, Haytham is half the battle.

Quite the contrary, Connor picks on Haytham and he doesn't look up to him at all.

They react with each other.

“How dare you have the face to do this?!”Connor is overcome with a hand at length.

They are always get under skin of each other.

War is in the process and they merge in it.

When compromise comes, Connor feels a lump in his throat.

“Ultimate. ”

“Too fussy. ”Connor says, “I am under the weather.”

“Got you side to side? ”Got a elbow.

Go for it, you two guys.

其实灵感来自海爹最后一篇日记的开头,it strucks me那个,这也能开车我真是服了自己=L=

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